Artistic Wood Turning

4914 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
36 South Street, Middlebury, VT 05753

FACEPLATE TURNING (eight two hour weekly sessions)

This course will cover all basic aspects of faceplate turning including;

· Safety
· Sharpening
· Harvesting found wood
· Cutting techniques; cutting versus scraping
· Equipment basics
· Spindle turning basics
· Green turning
· Twice turned bowls
· Sanding and finishing
· Basic design concepts
All beginning students will cover these topics and should complete two projects by the end of the course

Intermediate to advanced students will cover the above concepts and additionally;

· Coring using the McNaughton system
· Advanced chucking techniques
· Thin wall turning
· Natural edge turning
· Hollow vessel turning, using the Jamison boring bar with Articulaser, and both David Ellsworth and Dennis Stewart techniques
· Advanced design concepts
COST : Group tuition (2-4 students) $350

Private lesson tuition * $550

SEGMENTED TURNING(eight two hour weekly sessions)
This course will cover the basics of segmented turning. Students must be at the intermediate level. Topics covered;
· Design concepts
· Mathematics needed
· Equipment (table saw, overhead router, disc sander, planer, jointer)
· Segment ring glue up and flattening techniques
· Partial segmentation (rims, etc.)
· Full segmentation
COST : Group tuition (maximum 2 students) $430

Private lesson tuition * $550

* I split the year between my studio's in Middlebury, VT and New Orleans, LA, so please call my cell phone # (504) 813-0720 to see when I will be available at either site.

* Private lessons can be booked with flexible hours.